Two Cities Church

As a Christian community, we seek to embrace all with the love of Jesus Christ, engage all with the truth of the gospel message, equip all for Christian living in the world, and so extend God's work of healing and renewal to our Two Cities and beyond.

Two Cities Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America.  We meet for worship on Sunday mornings at 10am at the YWCA in downtown Lafayette, which is located at 605 N. 6th Street just minutes from the campus of Purdue University.  In addition to our regular worship services, the church has an active small group ministry and an intentional discipleship program.  We also sponsor Reformed University Fellowship (a campus ministry for undergraduate students at Purdue) and Graduate Christian Fellowship (a ministry for Graduate students at Purdue

Two Cities Church is a community of worship, learning, and service centered on Jesus Christ, welcoming those who are curious about the Christian faith, those who are new followers of Jesus Christ and those who have been Christians for many years.

As a community centered on Jesus Christ, we want to embrace the diverse people of our Two Cities into our congregation, regardless of where they are at in terms of their faith in God, and engage them with the truth of the gospel in the hope that they will take the next step of faith in Jesus Christ and joining the covenant community.   As we do so, we want to equip one another for Christian living and service, so that together we might extend God’s work of healing and renewal in the world, as he establishes his kingdom through Jesus Christ.

Meeting At: YWCA, 605 North 6th Street
Mailing Address
8 North 3rd Street, Suite 202
Adam Brice